Sarge, 6 days old

Buzz, 11.6 oz.

Slinky, 4 wks old  3lb 8oz

Buzz, 20 days old, 2lb 12oz

Jessie, 5 weeks old  4lb 8oz

Buzz, 5 weeks old   5lb 6oz

Laika and her 7 puppies, just born!

Jessie, 2 weeks old

You've Got A Friend in Me!!

Slinky, 2 weeks old

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Woody, 5  weeks old  4lb 6oz

Woody, 20 days old, 2lb 9.5oz

Rex, 7 weeks old. 5lb 14oz

Winston (24 lbs), the adorable dad!

Jessie, 6 weeks old  5lb 2.5oz

I'm going to be living in Utah!

Woody, 2 weeks old

Hamm, 2 weeks old

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Buzz, 6 weeks old  6lb 2.5oz

I'll be living in California!

Sarge, 6 wks old  6 lb 1 oz

I'm going to Oklahoma!

Woody, 12.2 oz.

Sarge, 4 wks old  3lb 13oz

Sarge, 5 weeks old  4lb 14oz

Sarge, 2 weeks old

Woody, 6 weeks  5lb 5.5oz

I'll be living in Beaverton!

Rex, 5 weeks old  3lb 15oz

Hamm, 5 weeks old  5lb 4oz

16 days old!

Buzz, 4 wks old  3lb 15oz

Rex, 2 weeks old

Jessie, 7 wks old. 6lb 11oz

Slinky, 6 wks old  5lb 2.5oz

I'll be living in Portland!

Sarge, 20 days old, 2lb 12oz

Woody, 6 days old

6 Weeks Old!

5 weeks old

Hamm, 7 weeks old. 8lb 6oz.

Woody, 7 weeks, 6lb 8oz

Slinky, 6 days old

Slinky, 20 days old, 2lb 10oz

Slinky, 11.7 oz.

Hamm, 13.2 oz.

Jessie, 20 days old, 2lb 5oz

Jessie, 4 wks old  3lb 5.5oz

Buzz, 2 weeks old

Rex, 6 days old

Tualatin River Run Laika Girl and Ladd Hill's Winston have  7 beautiful Australian Labradoodles born on June 29 and June 30, 2019!  These puppies are estimated to be around 28-40 lbs as adults.  We have 6 boys and one girl!  2 apricot and white parti boys, 3 chocolate and white parti boys, 1 black and white parti boy and 1 chocolate and white parti girl!  The coats should be a minimally to non-shedding fleece.  Both parent dogs are very sweet and friendly and they have passed their health testing with flying colors!  Puppies will be ready for new homes August 24, 2019.  All puppies are now spoken for.

Puppies are placed in order of deposits received.

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Jessie, our only girl, 10.2 oz.

Rex, 4 wks old  3lb 2.5oz

Rex, 10.0 oz.

Tualatin River LabradoodlesTual

Buzz, 6 days old

Slinky, 7 weeks old 6lb 11oz

Sarge, 7 wks old. 7lb 10 oz

Sarge, 13.2 oz.

Hamm, 6 weeks  6lb 9.5oz

I'll be living in Bend!

Rex, 20 days old, 2lb 7.5oz

Hamm, 20 days old, 3lb

Buzz, 7 weeks old. 8lb 8oz

4 weeks old

Woody, 4 wks old   3lb 7oz

Laika (36 lbs.) on day 60 of her pregnancy

Rex, 6 weeks old  4lb 13oz

I'll be living in Sherwood!

Jessie, 6 days old

Hamm, 6 days old

Slinky, 5 weeks old  4lb 6 oz

7 Weeks old!

Hamm, 4 wks old  4lb 1oz